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Aglet Solutions, LLC™ is a Management Consulting Firm that specializes in providing consultation as well as services to better the financial and operational functions of a business. Our hard working team is made up of innovative and creative individuals ready to help your company grow and prosper through utilizing industry best standards. Aglet Solutions will devote our attention and expertise to fulfilling your company’s specific needs and meet your financial goals.

Aglet Solutions was founded in January of 2012 in light of the economical circumstances that most business owners were facing. Our President, Brian Billand, saw a need for a company such as Aglet to exist and enlisted some of the best professionals he knew to join his team. We offer an array of services including, I-TRAIN™, Billing Services, Accounting Services, Marketing Services, Financial Consultation and more. Aglet Solutions would like to invite you to learn how we can positively affect the way you do business. Visit our contact page to get in touch with our experienced team.

Do yourself a favor and find out what the definition of an Aglet is. The creativity in our company name is just the beginning to the extensive skill sets our team has to offer. You will learn just how an “Aglet” can keep your business from unraveling.

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