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Compliance based training that is cost effective, and customizable.

Aglet Solutions, LLC™ specializes in providing e-learning training solutions that benefit your business.

Our team is known for their character and innovative training solutions. Utilizing industry best standards, our solutions take the pain out of training your team.

I-TRAIN – Direct Support Professionals Training

Unlike other systems, I-TRAIN is not a set of PowerPoints or videos presented in links for the trainee to sift through. We are a comprehensive system built on interactive, media based modules.

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March is Disability Awareness Month

March is a special month for individuals across the state of Indiana. It is a time…

Onboarding with a Purpose

The average cost to onboard a Direct Support Professional is estimated to be around $2,500.…

The Importance of Person-Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning is an ongoing problem-solving process used to help people with disabilities plan for…

Compliant training that is proven, cost effective, and customizable.