March is Disability Awareness Month

By March 19, 2019 Featured

March is a special month for individuals across the state of Indiana. It is a time to educate others and yourself about disabilities. For many people, they are completely unaware of what it means to have a physical or mental disability, love someone with a physical or mental disability, or work with someone who has a disability.

To someone outside of this world the numbers of those affected seem low but to someone inside of this world, it is just that… their world. People celebrate disability awareness month in many different ways. This month, it is important to focus on how we can educate others about the importance of this month. How can one person make an impact on an entire community?

It’s the little things

There are 31 days in March. Make it a point to educate someone at least once a day on mental and physical disabilities. Are you unsure about what to share? Take to the internet! It is filled with statistics, facts, and the history surrounding mental and physical disabilities.

The state of Indiana also provides free toolkits to anyone wanting to become involved in spreading awareness. Take advantage of this! Thirty-one little comments will quickly turn into a foundation of knowledge for those you are speaking to. And in return, those people will take that knowledge and start to build a foundation for others they speak with.


Who should you tell? ANYONE! Tell your friends, family, the person at the checkout, a co-worker, the bank teller… take the 31 statements and tell them to 31 different people. Use social media to share your information! People do the “thankful for” challenge in November. Let’s start a Disability Awareness Challenge in March!

Each day, post a fact about disabilities and those who are affected by them. Take the challenge, make a difference!

Did you know…

Over 1 billion people have some form of disability?

Over 100 million disabled persons are children

50% of people with disabilities cannot afford health care

80% of all people with disabilities live in a developing country

Children with disabilities are nearly four times as likely to experience violence than children who do not have a disability

There are five facts you have been given already… Go with it!


Once you complete the 31-day challenge, encourage others to complete the challenge themselves. This small daily task can truly spread awareness like wildfire, especially when you encourage others to do the same.

We celebrate many things in a year as a community. Most people know about Breast Cancer Awareness Month or International Women’s Day but how many know about Disability Awareness Month? Most likely, not many. Let’s change that! There are so many inspirational stories to be shared and extraordinary people to be met. There is magic happening every day, let’s create a platform to share it.

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